Art By others 2018

There will be Dragons...
Drawn by Furryrevolution, Chibi by Himself, Fireshell by Himself, Rex by me
I should know better by now... wandering into strange caves in dangerous... but at least there were helping paws, so I would not pop off from the pressure....
Added: 12.05.2018
Testrun 2
Drawn by Nacht, characters also by Nacht
R34 while collecting specimens. He might be a bit too enthusiastic...
Added: 12.05.2018
Interview interrupted
Drawn by Nacht, Rex by me, Dragon by Nacht
sometimes people get distracted during inverviews.
Added: 12.05.2018
Testrun 1
drawn by Nacht, R34 by him, Rex by me
"My greatest work completed!" was followed by a lot of sucking and groaning noises. Seems that this speimen collector is working a bit too well.
Added: 12.05.2018
Rex Donk
Drawn by Plagued Obession, Littlewoof by himself, Rangarig donkey by me
Its not like I do not want to try new things... but it sure is scary when you hear yourself braying I can tell you.
Added: 11.03.2018
drawn by Nacht, rex by me
The dracorex about to have fun with Nacht on a very comfy chair.
Added: 16.01.2018
Filos Laboratory
Drawn by Slug, Losian by Himself, Rex by me
Visting a fellow scientists Laboratry bears certain Risks...
Added: 16.01.2018