Herpy Holidays 2012
Greldon by Himself, Card and Rangarig by me
I wish you all Herpy Holidays and a Murry new Year!
Added: 12/23/2012
Animated by Rangarig, Trade with Dopr
The two raptors probably just went into the temple to get out of the rain, but they found something worthwhile to do inside.
Added: 12/11/2012
Donkey Factory TF 3D
Animation by Rangarig, Donkey Rig by Rayverak
I noticed I had not released the 3d version of the donkey factory yet. Now I have :)
Added: 12/16/2012
Rexifice 3d
Animation by Rangarig, Help by Grimm, Rayverak and Deino
The poor dracorex is filled with eggs by evil tentacles. Again. In 3d.
Added: 11/18/2012
Mass Transit
Trade with 5-D, Animation by Rangarig
Well when macro raptors are getting bored, its probably better not to be near them. These two gathered up quite a few volunteers, to use for some wriggely fun. They sure seem to enjoy the expirience. His part of the trade is attached below.
Added: 11/8/2012
Donkey Factory
Donkey Rig by Rayverak, Animation by Rangarig
Since the transformation Experiment was such a success, it has gone into mass production. I wanted to show off the excellent work that Ray did with the Transformation rig a little better, resulting in this animation. It was supposed to be simple and quick... I probably have to look up these terms somehow. Anyway, hope you like the result.
Added: 8/28/2012
Eden Condom Raptor
Eden by Himself, Rendered by Me, Evil Varby by me
It certainly pays of to be really stretchy when you roam the hunting grounds of that big evil dragon. This Raptor is quite unusually stretchy, and it prooves essential in handling a dragon such as Varby here. This is based off an idea by Ssthisto posted long ago. "Condomraptor latex" a species, of really flexible raptors. Seems eden, who requested this piece has some heritage with condom raptors :) My first attempts at this piece did not work out terribly well, so I had to rely on Rayveraks expertise again to get the deformation to work. Seems I can't get anything done without him anymore. :) Well, hope you will enjoy. :) Included are the usual HD Ready, Anaglyphic 3d, and Side by Side 3d.
Added: 6/24/2012
Greldon welcomes Mr. bond
Greldon (c) Himself, Rangarig (c) Himself
Well... being a villain has certain responsibilities. Sometimes you even have to deal with the British secret service...
Added: 4/1/2012
Donkey TF 3d
by Rayverak and Rangarig and Deino
It took just a few months of Rendertime, and here are the 3d versions of the Donkey TF. Notes regarding the different versions:

3d outside of 3d blu-rays is still not very standartized, so most of these will be a bit of a hassle to get to work. But they are all tested. they work on the hardware at my disposal. Sorry in advance, I will not be able to help you getting it to work in your particular setup.

Red Cyan: Play on the player of your choice, and use Red Cyan 3d glasses. Depending on how well your glasses work with your display, there might be heavy to little ghosting.

Side by Side: Can be used with a lot of TV's, and the nVidia 3d player.
3ds version: Copy the DCIM folder from the ZIP file to the Root of your 3ds's SD Card. It should look like this: DCIM\200RNG01\RNG_0001.AVI The file will not be recognized if not stored in the proper folder.
Added: 3/10/2012
Donkey TF now with Donkey Dick
By Raverak, Deino and me.
The same as before, with just a not so minor detail changed. I was planning to put it in the original animation, but it seems I was so eager to get it out of the door that I forgot. Well it was easily fixed. Now the donkey is very clearly a male donkey. And it shows that he is not all that unhappy in the end.
Added: 2/12/2012
Donkey TF
By Raverak, Deino and me.
This is the result of a chat I had with Rayverak ... what 2 years ago? We both have been working on and off on this project ever since. Ray did the rig for the human/donkey and its transformation effect, the injector, injector case, and all of the light setup. I did the rest of the background, and most of the animating. Sound is mostly arranged by me and deino, except for the Donkey sounds, which again were done by ray. Well... we release this with the feeling that much could still be improved. We usually have that feeling then we release something, but with a complex project like that, its even stronger. Well... hope you will enjoy it. I do not think it turned out too bad :) Oh yeah... its about a bunch of horny raptors, that are allowed to try out some sample merchandise from cole industries, rayverak's cover company. It allows them to turn the three test subjects into a selection of animals... and have their way with them. Enjoy!
Added: 1/30/2012