PoolToyTF Teaser3
Rendered by Rangarig, background by Adumbratio
And the last teaser image for the upcoming pool toy transformation sequence
Added: 2/14/2018
PoolToyTF Teaser2
Rendered by Rangarig, Backgrounds by Adumbratio
And another teaser image for the upcoming Pooltoy transformation animation
Added: 2/14/2018
PoolToyTF Teaser1
Rendered by Rangarig, backgrounds by Adumbratio
Teaser image for the upcoming pool toy TF animation.
Added: 2/14/2018
Extra Filling
Set by Adumbratio, some Audio by Rayverak, Rendered by Rangarig
When they said I should take a look at the new equipment... I certainly did not expect to inspect it in such high detail. Also the fittings were oddly dracorex custom shaped. But I am sure it was all an accident.
Added: 1/16/2018